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Full Moon Party - Koh Phangan

Year after year, the Full Moon Party gradually gained in popularity to become in the mid-90s a rendezvous for all avid backpackers fiesta . Then the event has popularized and gradually turned into a huge electronic music festival which now hosts thousands of visitors every full moon .

Haad Rin is now home to more than 10 sound systems (or sound systems to make more cool ), each offering a different musical atmosphere of trance to drum & base through electro. Delirium !

The number of participants varies from 8,000 in low season to over 30 000 in high season. So of course , Haad Rin beach quickly adapted to its growing popularity and hotels have sprouted in the area like mushrooms. Today there are more than 5,000 rooms and hundreds of bars, shops and restaurants to entertain passing travelers .

You will understand that with such a crowd at Full Moon Parties , it is highly advisable to book your hotel room in advance to be sure you do not end up in the galley Day (note you can always sleep on the beach but ...)

Access to the Full Moon Party is not free but the price is really ridiculously low...around 100 baht !

Here is a list of some of the most popular institutions for partying during the Full Moon Party . Most of them are of course on the beach!

The Rock

The Rock is a bar that is located at the southern end of Haad Rin . As its name suggests this is a hotel located on a cliff overlooking the beach , the ideal spot to contemplate the holiday sipping a nice cocktail. The atmosphere is quite funky with a nice music.

Drop In Club

Drop In Club is another really popular bar when it evokes the name of Full Moon Party . The music here is a bit more commercial with RnB, Hip Hop and dancefloor hits. The place is very busy and has loads of places to ask to attend shows fire or participate in game which always result in an obligation of booze for the loser!

Zoom Bar

This trance bar is a small and intimate little more than the other clubs in Haad Rin. The atmosphere is boosted from morning to night and the party extends generally the day after the Full Moon Party officially ends.

The Cactus

Cactus is one of the first bars you meet on the way to the beach. The sounds are more general public including R & B , hip hop and even rock . As it is located on the road leading to the party establishment.

Tommy Bar

The property offers a truly authentic experience Full Moon Party with a great big sound system , the fluorescent paint galore, fire shows , the spotlights in all directions and a private security service for customer safety .
Sunrise Beach Club

DJs of the bar start to mix five days before the start of the Full Moon Party proposing sounds and Funky Electro House alternating with R & B and Jungle.

Many other bars

Haad Rin has other cool bars like Same-Same , the Outback Bar, the Warm Up Bar or the Reggae Bar which are not located on the beach but in the heart of Haad Rin .

Tips for a successful Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party is probably the biggest party ever held in Thailand. It attracts thousands of visitors each edition and like any big party where alcohol flows freely, where drugs flow and where people engage in dangerousgames, accidents are relatively abundant. It is important to be properly informed about the risks during the festivities in order to secure its best evening and avoid ending up arrested , wounded or dead.

Here is a series of recommendations that I invite you most warmly to respect if you do not want to maximize your chances of seeing your holiday nightmare in no time.

Leave your valuables at the hotel

Want to take pictures to commemorate your Full Moon Party is quite normal and understandable. But unless you are sure to stay sober and alert, so leave your wallet , your latest gadgets and other valuable mobile phone in a safe place . Once under the influence of alcohol (and I can tell you that the " buckets " and " mushroom cocktails" hard tap ) , you will not know if your property is at the hotel , on the beach or lost between the hands of a thief who has made you pocket without you noticing so you're drunk . Do not take with you the money to party and buy food.

Bring a friend to the Full Moon Party

Better to be two than alone to face any trouble during the Full Moon Party . Bring a friend with you can really be a great idea so you can look after each other and protect yourself against possible attacks. You can be easy prey.

Always wear shoes

If the Thai tradition suggests to remove shoes before entering a temple or a house, the Full Moon Party requires that you keep it on especially if you walk along the shore. In wanting to feel the sand beneath your feet , you could hurt yourself on a broken bottles.

You're not a kid

The Full Moon Party is famous for fire shows but let's be clear... let the professionals handle it. They have repeated it for months if not years . Also, do not feel you grow wings under the influence of alcohol by participating in the game of jump rope.  The only thing that you will succeed in doing is you second degree burn arms and legs.

Avoid drugs = avoid prison

On the beach, there will be plenty of Thai dealers offering drugs. Do not even talk to them ! Buy or sell drugs is illegal in Thailand and will earn you a long prison sentence and or a fine.  If someone offers you drugs, just say ' No, thank you "and you will not have trouble.

Do not swim during the Full Moon Party

Many participants use it as a urinal. Haad Rin beach is not really hygienic during the Full Moon Party . In addition , it is usually high and stirred at this full moon period which maximizes the chances of drowning. IN ADDITION you may injure yourself walking on a debris. So avoid a dip , especially if you 're drunk .

In Conclusion...

Koh Phangan is an island that never sleeps. Whatever time you visit there, you will always find a small beach or jungle to party from dusk till dawn in a crazy atmosphere . J
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Plush Pods is the newest budget hotel in Singapore. It's simplicity is the real charm to the place and it's location best suits any traveler that is looking at exploring their surroundings. The train station is only a few minutes away so access to all of Singapore is not a problem. The beds are clean and comfortable and reading lights are available for each pod.

The quaint hostel has a cosy bar area, a little library space with books and magazines & Apple iMac computers free for use at their Internet corner.
There is free Wi-Fi throughout the premises. Plus, TV to view or play free Xbox games and lockers for your stuff. There's also breakfast that comes with your booking. Laundry services is available and the staff can handle your airport service or any bookings you need for sightseeing.

This is the most ideal location and everything is withing walking distance, including Arab street, Beach road and Bugis. Unlike many other hostels, their 24 hour concierge service is a comforting thought in likelihood of emergencies.  Singapore is one of the best Asian destinations and staying at Plush Pods is highly recommended.

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PictureMerlin Phuket Hotel
Phuket Accommodation

Phuket is a coastal city for holiday makers. Be surrounded by the wonderful sound of the waves, soak in the characteristic aroma of salt water and enjoy the amazing views of the coast. Do not miss the chance to stroll along its beaches and grab a lovely suntan. Finding the best accommodation in Phuket can be a tricky as there is way over a thousand hotels on the island.

The accommodation options in Phuket ranges from 5 star beach resorts to five star hotels, and mid-range hotels to budget lodges and not forgetting backpacker hostels .

Options are open for various accommodation at Phuket that would suit your taste as well as your pocket. Most of the hotels are also well equipped to suit the needs of the business guests and the leisure travelers. Some of the most well known five star hotels in Phuket are the Kathathani Phuket Beach Resort, Sunset Beach Resort, La Flora Resort Patong, Merlin Phuket Hotel, Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket, Banyan Tree Phuket and more.

These luxurious resorts offer the best facilities and unfailing courtesy from the hotel staff. The resorts and hotels have been equipped with the latest technologies. Fine dining and wining options are on offer by these hotels. So now that you got ideas on where to rest your head, all that's left is to check the Phuket weather and have fun in the sun.

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PictureWater Studios @ Niyama Resort
NIYAMA Resort by Per AQUUM has been designed as an edgy, modern resort that offers guests more than a romantic Maldivian escape - balancing tranquility with a sense of discovery, stimulation and fun. Per Aquum's flagship 24 hour Lime Spa, Niyama By Per Aquum is also home to the world 's first underwater club, Subsix.

Edge Lounge and Restaurant

Accessible only by boat, an exclusive overwater restaurant and Lounge. The daily catch paired with fine wines. Sophisticated al fresco dining. Panoramic views. Tastes to savour. Signature cocktails. A chic haven to gather and indulge.

Dune Restaurant
Cocktails, poolside. Sundowners on the sand. A chic beach hub for daytime Daiquiris and outdoor service.

Subsix Underwater Club

The world’s first underwater club. International DJs. Global music. Splashes of colour – indigo, blue. Glass walls overlook a spotlit sea. Modern moods with a flair for the marine. Take the party below the sea for all-night dancing beneath the ocean.

Tribal Restaurant
Sand floors. Tiki torches. Local inspiration meets global flair. Tastes from South America to Africa to Asia cooked in the outdoor kitchen. Entrees seared over open flames. A dash of adventure, a pinch of fun

Daily activities at Niyama Resort includes Indoor Golf, windsurfing, Dhoni sailing and loads more of fun activities.

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PictureShangri-La Hotel - Chiang Mai
Shangri-La Hotel Chiang Mai

A short tuk-tuk ride with take you to the various temples, restaurants as well as the Sunday Market, but with the pleasant weather you won't mind walking either. The two dining facilities on-site serve Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese as well as European cuisine to please all tastes. A trip to the spa is a must, and if time is not a constraint you should definitely pick a package treatment. In addition, the fitness center unlike most found at hotel's offers weekend workout classes. The two meeting rooms and the business center will appeal to the executive who want to keep in touch with work.

Kad Kafé
Kad Kafé, an all-day dining restaurant, features Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, European and Mediterranean specialities. Named after the local word for "market", Kad Kafé offers the freshest ingredients and food prepared a la minute in this interactive atmosphere.

Silapa Thai Lounge & Bar

Silapa Thai Lounge & Bar offers an impressively extensive cocktail menu served by our entertaining and interactive bartenders as well as DJ entertainment. Accompanied by a large selection of innovatively presented cocktails.

The hotel is perfect for both leisure as well as business travelers with a range of facilities to please to either group.

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Huvafen Fushi Resort - Maldives

Beautiful and exotic, they have 44 exquisite and recently refurbished bungalows & pavilions. Each with private plunge pool, air-conditioning, ceiling fan, espresso machine, bar, bath and shower, daybed, surround sound, fully loaded iPod and DVD player. True luxury in unsurpassed oceanic beauty.

Your Abode

Beach Bungalows with Plunge Pool (125m²) have a courtyard pool and front deck with daybed.

Deluxe Beach Bungalows with Plunge Pool are more spacious and have a second plunge pool.

Lagoon Bungalows with Plunge Pool are split level, built over the lagoon with daybed.

Ocean Bungalows with Plunge Pool (160m²) are spacious, with infinity pool and ocean vistas, large deck, Jacuzzi and separate glass bottom lounge area. Beach and Ocean Pavilions are also available.

Wine & Dine.

Vinum Wine Cellar

Underground wine. Deep in the cool ground. Immerse yourself in all things vinum. A cave harbouring a collection unmatched by any other resort in the world.

UM Bar
Vodkas clear as the Maldivian seas. Tropical juices, fresh coconut. UMbar at the water's edge. Overlooking the breathtaking infinity pool.

Salt Restaurant
A backdrop of transparent water by day, reflections of moonlight in the ocean at night. Inspired menus drawing on the array of sea life that swims beneath you.

Raw Restaurant
Innovative 'Spa' and 'Raw' cuisine. For those who care about their bodies yet crave exquisite taste. Original. Creative. Natural. Restaurant and juice bar set over the water.

Fogliani's Restaurant
Traditional wood-fired pizzas beneath a canopy of palms. Fresh antipasti. Casual shoreside dining.

Celsius Restaurant
Open and easy. Outdoor or indoor. Sample Celsius by candlelight or in the bright Maldivian sunshine, refreshed by cool ocean sprays. Luxe-but-laid-back dining on a white sand floored deck branching out over the lagoon.

To reach the resort, a shared speedboat transfer is required for which a surcharge will be added to the total cost of your booking. Rest assured that upon receipt of your details the resort will organize all transfer requirements. The hotel’s airport representative will meet you at the Arrival Hall. It is in the North Malé Atoll, approx. 30 minutes by speedboat from Malé airport.
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Kathmandu Guest House

Since the days of being the first and only hotel in Thamel, the packed tourist district of Kathmandu, it’s become something of an institution. It’s close to everywhere and its gate is the meeting point that nobody can mistake. As a guidebook put it, “Kathmandu Guest House acts as a magnet for mountaineers, pop stars, actors and eccentric characters.” Even the Beatles stayed there in 1968.

Kathmandu Guest House prides itself on being affordable to all budgets, from those looking to treat themselves to total comfort in elegantly modern suites, to volunteers and scholars who take the famous no-frills rooms on the first floor.

Here are a few facilities to entice you.

Cafe Pomelo
They serves guests enjoying the peace of the garden with fresh chilled drinks and juices. Waiters will also serve you Illy Coffee on request.

Raksi Bar
The cozy bar off the courtyard restaurant serving beers (including the famous Everest Beer) wines and spirits as well as our own cocktail and mocktail creations. A great hangout to chat and exchange mountain trail ort climbing stories.

Inner Sanctum Restaurant
This newly founded restaurant in the old palace courtyard has a wonderful ambiance, in candle-lit evenings especially, which compliments the varied menu.

Cafe Bahal
The courtyard restaurant serves a wide selection of continental foods as well as local and regional dishes for you to try.

The hotel's host of recreational offerings ensures you have plenty to do during your stay. With an ideal location and facilities to match, Kathmandu Guest House hits the spot in many ways.

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The Landscape Hotel is in central Phnom Penh, near Samdach Hun Sen Park, Silver Pagoda and Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Monument. Additional places to visit also include Independence Monument and the Royal Palace. The hotel's restaurant serves all meals through the day. 24 hours room service is also available.

The hotel provides a complimentary buffet breakfast each morning in the restaurant. There's also a 24-hour business center and offers limousine service. Complimentary wireless high-speed Internet access is available in public areas. Tour and ticket assistance is available in the lobby. Self parking is complimentary for all hotel guest.

Added amenities include laundry facilities, minibars and room safes. You will have river views during your stay. The rooms have LCD televisions with cable channels and free movies. Also included are coffee/tea makers and complimentary bottled water.

One of the best Asian destinations is Phnom Penh. Staying at the convenient location of the boutique Landscape hotel makes the trip all the more pleasant.
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Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Malediven wird über einem unberührten Strand und über eine der größten Lagunen der Μaldives zu verbreiten, mit 62 luxuriös ausgestatteten Villen. Kündigte für seine kulinarischen Angeboten können die Gäste in einem der Restaurants des Resorts, Erfahrung 24 Stunden In-Villa Dining Reinigungsdienst speisen oder wählen Sie einen beliebigen Ort auf der Insel für unvergessliche al fresco Private Dining. Ein Highlight der Anlage ist der Jiva Grande Spa - eine private Insel Zuflucht bietet eine Reihe von indischen Wellness-Signature Treatments und Rituale. TripAdvisor bietet Ihnen dieses beste Hotel in Malediven und vierten beste Resort der Welt, 2012 gewählt.
Das Resort liegt 8 km vom Male International Airport und der einzige Weg zu uns ist über eine 15-minütige Fahrt mit dem Speedboot nach Süd-Male-Atoll. Das Resort wird Ihr Transfer zu arrangieren, geben Sie bitte Ihre Flugdaten und vollständigen Namen Ihrer Reisegruppe mindestens 3 Tage vor Ihrer Ankunft. Alle Transfers Kosten sind direkt im Hotel bezahlt werden. Wenn Ihr Flug landet nach Mitternacht, buchen Sie bitte dem Raum einen Tag vorher zu garantieren, frühen Check-in
Dieses weltberühmte Resort befindet sich in der Mitte einer der Malediven größten Lagunen eingestellt und wird weithin als der beste Ort der Welt angesehen. Der 27 Hektar große Anlage wird von kristallklarem Wasser und weißen Sandstränden umgeben und enthält 55 Lagoon Villas, 4 Beach Villas und 2 Suiten, die Villa wunderschön gearbeiteten Möbeln ausgestattet mit LCD-Fernseher, Badewannen, die das klare Wasser der Tamarin Bay und private Tauchbecken übersehen. Das Resort ist am meisten verehrten Unterkunft ist die erstaunliche Presidential Suite, die Gäste eine 450 Quadratmeter große Villa bietet mit einem 25-Fuß-Süßwasser-Pool und Glas komplettes Badezimmer mit Badewanne mit Blick auf den Ozean. Ein Besuch der Anlage ist nie vollständig ohne Abtasten der himmlischen Einrichtungen des Taj Spa mit entspannenden Massagen, Peelings und altehrwürdigen indischen Behandlungen in einer einzigartigen und ruhigen Atmosphäre. Das Resort verfügt außerdem über eine Vielzahl von Freizeiteinrichtungen und leckere Restaurants und Strandbars.
The Deep End
Das Fine Dining Restaurant bezieht seine Inspirationen aus der progressiven Welt Küche mit Top-Zutaten aus der ganzen Welt mit einer Vorliebe für Bio-, Zertifizierungs-und Freihandel Freiland-Produkte stammen zusammengelegt. Das umfangreiche Menü à la carte präsentiert eine Auswahl an schmackhaften Fleisch, Wild und Fisch, zusammen mit vegetarischen Spezialitäten, erlesene Weine aus dem Weinkeller.

Jiva Spa Grad
Jiva Grande S bietet auch Alepa, eine einzigartige Behandlung, die die Aura des sagenumwobenen und privilegierten Lebensstil der indischen Lizenzgebühren evoziert. Alepa - buchstäblich der Akt der Salbung des Körpers - ist ein Wellness-Erlebnis aus sakralen und zeremoniellen altehrwürdigen indischen Baderituale gezogen. Genießen Sie diese exquisiten Erlebnis in einem stilvollen und modernen Spa-Suite.

Equator Bar
Entspannen Sie sich auf gefühlvolle Musik und dem Rauschen der Wind, Wellen und Palmen mit einer Auswahl an innovativen und erfrischenden Getränken einschließlich Sundowner, eiskalt Margaritas, Weinkühler und Cocktails. Dieses stilvolle Bar dient auch eine Vielzahl von traditionellen Jahrgänge, New World Weinen und Zigarren.
24 Degrees
Ganztägig geöffnete Restaurant bietet eine köstliche Auswahl an internationalen Spezialitäten aus Pan-Asian Continental Spezialitäten. Its a la carte-Menü bietet den Gästen eine vielseitige Reise durch die Aromen der frischen einschließlich Kopfgeld auf den Indischen Ozean, Gewürze aus Indien, dem Fernen Osten und internationale Spezialitäten. Charmant und gesellig, Display Küche, ergänzt die zwanglose Atmosphäre. Die begehbaren Weinkeller bietet die Möglichkeit, im Inneren zu treten und auf die perfekte Begleitung für den Abend geführt werden. Dinieren Sie im Haus oder im Freien am Strand.
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Cititel Hotel Penang - Malaysia.

This hotel is an excellent choice for tourists who wish to explore the city by foot as it is in the center of all the attractions. Located on upper Penang Road, accessing local venues like Little India, St. Francis Xavier Church and Cheong Tze Mansion. The property boasts rooms with standard amenities. Guests must tryout the international and local Malayan cuisine from four of the on-premise restaurants. Cititel Hotel is also well experienced and well facilitated for business meetings and special events. Whether you are planning to organize a private meeting, business seminar, training program, product launch, wedding banquet or a private themed party, Cititel offers you a selection of packages to suit your requests or tailor-made to your needs and budget.

Visit the gym, 24-hour currency exchange and a travel information service.

Health Centre offers guests the following range of recreational and relaxing activities:
Gymnasium - ensures that the more active inclined will enjoy a full work-out
Jacuzzi Pool - relax and unwind as you submerge yourself in our jacuzzi pool
Sauna & Steam Bath rooms are also available.

Cititel Hotel Penang
66 Jalan Penang, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia 10000

Cititel Hotel Penang.  Best Asian Destinations.